Cody Holler

I'm a Reno born tattooer and artist.

You can see from my work below that I love my clients.

I take time to make sure they get timeless, joyful tattoos. 

I’m always excited to take your ideas and turn them into reality.

Please feel free to click HERE to inquire about your tattoo, no matter the style or size!


That being said I find the most joy tattooing classic Americana.

Its distilled imagery can express anything you are trying to convey with a tattoo. 

Plus they looks so bad ass!!

Please check the FLASH (Ready to go) section below and see if any of these designs resonate with you.


Thank you :)

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These ready to go flash designs are available for tattoo. Flash can be a fun, spontaneous, and exciting way to get tattooed. Click HERE to book one of these now. Or if your just a fan of the art, Flash art prints are available for purchase. 

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