​TATTOO ARTIST: Brian Chambers

Tattoo inquiries:


Brian is appointment only, and requires 

a consultation prior to scheduling the tattoo appointment.


He currently has a WAIT LIST. Subject matter, style, saturation, and size will take priority over wait list order. Currently, he is only booking select ideas. His books reopen Bi-monthly.

(Books reopen January 1st for April/May)

(Books reopen March 1st for June/July)

(Books reopen May 1st for August/Sept)

(Books reopen July 1st for October/Nov)

(Books reopen Sept 1st for December/Jan)

(Books reopen Nov 1st for February/Mar)

How to get on the wait list:

(1) Email: brianchamberstat2@gmail.com for Automated form on how ideas are selected & FAQ’s

(2) Fill out our consultation form at https://www.renotatco.com/contact

(3) Call shop at (775)322-6393 to get your list number.  

Information required on consultation form:

• How big of a tattoo do you want? 

• What is the subject/theme of your tattoo idea?

• What style of tattooing are you interested in?

• Black and gray or color?

• Are you working with a budget? 

• Are you a return client of Brian’s?

 Brian is an award-winning and published artist. His background and passion for art comes from drawing comic books, digital design and anime. Brian has been tattooing professionally since 2009 and specializes in illustrative realistic tattooing. He is enthusiastic about tattooing subject matter that is creative, original and tells a story. 
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