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Facial, ear, and torso piercings:
Aftercare for your brand new piercing should be kept simple.
The only product recommended is sterile saline spray/wound wash. Popular brands to look out
for should be Neil Med or Steri-Wash which contain a small amount of sodium chloride and
sterile water. Saline for contact solution is not the same thing.
With your wound wash bottle, spray the piercing site directly at least twice a day, pat dry with
either clean gauze or paper towels you can also blow dry the area at a low heat to cool setting
to get rid of excess moisture. Your main goal with the spray is to rinse the area of any crustie
matter, dry blood, or a days worth of dead skin cells.
If saline spray is not accessible, rinsing the area with tepid water will do. Follow the same steps
for the wound wash spray.
Travel pillows are another great investment for fresh ear piercings. This way it keeps you from
sleeping directly on your ear and causing further damage.
These cleaning instructions can be continued well after you are healed.

Oral piercings:
For lip piercings follow instructions above for the outside area.
For the inside of lips, tongues, and smileys filtered water or bottled water rinses after major
meals is beneficial. Rinses remove food particles that could potentially get trapped at the
piercing site. Continue your usual oral hygiene. Invest in a new soft bristle toothbrush, if you use
mouthwash make sure its alcohol free, alcohol based mouthwashes dry out the piercing site and
slow down healing (not to mention it does not feel pleasant).

Genital piercings:
Penile piercings can benefit from sterile saline wound wash. Follow the instructions above.
Keep clothing clean, showers are encouraged, do not use soap or body wash to clean your
piercing area. If these products get on your new piercing be sure to rinse thoroughly.
Vulva piercings like outer labia and christina piercings can benefit from sterile saline wound
wash, follow the instructions above. Piercings that go through mucous membrane like VCH,
HCH, inner labia do not require constant spray cleaning. The vulva is self cleaning, at most
while showering be sure to rinse the area directly with water. Panty liners can be beneficial to
use for initial bleeding which is normal. Soaps, body washes, and douches should be kept away
from the vulva.

-Do not use soap, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, neosporin, or non iodized salt solutions to
clean your piercings. These products hinder a piercings healing process, although these
have been known to heal wounds a piercing is an open wound we want to keep open.
These guidelines help to ensure a happy healing process. Your piercer will be able to
give you more in depth cleaning instructions if needed. Healing times vary anywhere
from piercing sites to individual lifestyles. Please give us a call or visit us in person!

-Things to expect from your healing piercing vary from person to person. Initially light bleeding,
localized swelling, secretions of yellow or clear color, even bruising are super normal. Your

jewelry should allow space for these secretions and swelling. If you find the jewelry too tight
please see your piercer immediately to have a better fitting piece placed in. After the first few
weeks of initial healing it is still common for piercings to secrete, these secretions dry up and
create a crust like substance “crusties”, do not pick at them, do your best to rinse these off with
your sterile solution spray or pressurized shower. Itching is very common as well, do not scratch
the area, to alleviate the itching try rinsing the area or spraying with your sterile saline. Your
initial symptoms can appear even months after things have healed, if this happens follow the
original cleaning steps or see your piercer to get your piercing checked out.

-A properly healed piercing starts with the help of your piercer and continues with your quality
aftercare and patience. Don't be afraid to ask for your piercers guidance in your healing journey!

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